Saturday, January 02, 2010

2010 ~~ It's Official ~~ I'm a Geezer

2009 was a landmark year for me.

On 09-09-09, I turned the corner into geezer-hood.  I celebrated my 60th birthday and went a little "potty" (i.e. somewhat silly or crazy; addlebrained).  I'm forgetful and absent-minded, grumpy, and my joints creak when I move.  My mind has turned to mush and I'm not going gracefully into my golden years. 

In fact, I'm just an old coot.  The dictonary defines both "geezer" and "coot" as old MEN.  So what I am supposed to call myself??  A hag? A crone?  None of the terms sound pleasant, but then neither is aging.

AUGUST 2009--My high school class had a 60th Birthday Party in the park for us boomers who are now senior citizens.  Remarkably most of the folks looked good.  Some looked terrific. 

My friend from Houston flew into Salt Lake for the occasion.  She is tall, very skinny and extremely beautiful. We went to the party together and as we walked up to the pavilion I thought "we must look like Laurel and Hardy or Abbott and Costello" since I am as round and wrinkly as a butterball turkey.  Then I thought about how the younger generation wouldn't even understand my references to the bygone comedy teams.  That's when I realized I really am OLD!

  The "Girls" @ Sexy? Sixty

Happy New Year!

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Travelin'Oma said...

I think you're more sexy than sixty. Sixty—every time I say it I'm in disbelief!