Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Can You Believe This!

This local news story is one I can hardly believe and I have to blog about it since my husband and son are cycling nuts. I am as baffled as I am outraged.

Dave Zabriskie, one of the nation's top cyclists, was out of town last week racing in the nine-day Tour of California race in which he finished second.

While he was away from home (an upscale Salt Lake neighborhood), his ENTIRE house was cleaned out. I mean completely--everything including two cars, thirteen bicycles and even his clothes!

Some of the items stolen include:

A black 2008 Subaru Outback, Utah plate A189NC
A black 2006 Toyota Scion, Utah plate 094VWM
A Sony 52-inch flat-screen TV
A Bose speaker/receiver system worth an estimated $15,000
Video game systems
Thirteen bicycles, including an Olympic time trial bike
Laptops and a hard drive.

Zabriskie's mother, Sherry Hamik, said the value of the items taken is "massive." "The bikes alone are about $10,000 apiece. That's only the bikes. That's not the cars or the things in the house. It's astronomical."

It appeared the burglars dumped everything in the garage and lined them up to be loaded into a moving van.

How does this happen? Where were the neighbors? Incidentally, one of those neighbors is a friend and co-worker of my husband.

Click below to view the KSL video about the crime.



Keri(th) said...

This is absolutely unreal! Though I have to admit that if a moving van were to show up at my neighbors, I probably wouldn't think anything of it. Hopefully the police are able to investigate further and find a suspect or retrieve some of the property.

Ruth said...

It's mind numbing.

PI said...

Our footballers are being targeted when they are playing away. The latest had his wife and mother held at knife point.
I wonder if you have anything like neighbourhood watch over there?

Sheri said...

Yes, we do have neighborhood watch and that's why this crime is so baffling! I don't understand where the neighbors were.