Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Images of the Past

I once aspired to become a photographer, took classes in college, took classes at the Finch Lane Gallery and the Salt Lake Art Center. My brother brought me an expensive Nikkormat in Thailand. I was going to be a photo-journalist. This was after I was going to be an artist, which was before I was going to be a poet.

Deserted in the Desert

I loved working in the darkroom, the smell of the chemicals, manipulating the enlarger. Problem was I wasn't very good at taking pictures. Just like I wasn't very good at painting in watercolors or oils. Just like I wasn't a very good poet.

Gang Graffiti

Discipline is my biggest problem with everything I've tried. I don't have any! My friend Marty is very accomplished at many things because she is very disciplined. It is something I've always admired and it is high time I try to develop some discipline.

Harbor Silence

I've been cleaning out and organizing years and years of files. Most have been deep-sixed. I'm discovering bits and pieces of my past, wondering where the years have gone. I've been buried under piles of papers, past projects.

Two Trees

Among the rubble I found the few images I saved from my photography classes. I thought they were great. My teacher--not so much. Oh well, it's not about the destination, it's about the trip. It has been a good trip. I've learned a lot. I've had fun. I've been frustrated at times, elated at other. It's all okay.


I'm just beginning to use a digital camera, but have loved playing with Adobe PhotoShop for years. Life moves on, we change to keep up.


gramakas said...

Hey Sheri... I ran on to your blog through Marty's blog... you were one of my favorite Sheris back in the Class of '67 Titan days! Fun to catch up with you again. Come visit me at

TravelinOma said...

Thanks for the compliment! I project better in the blogosphere than in real life. You don't hear about all the stuff I'm not doing well! I love your photography. My husband loved the dark room skills, and had abandoned it all with the advent of digital. He's just now making the change, and I'm so glad. Photographers are artists!