Monday, June 23, 2008

Congrats, Annette!!

My good friend and neighbor, Annette, has published her first book! King's English Bookshop threw a catered soirée and book signing for Annette, Saturday evening to announce: Waiting for the Light to Change. I bought a book that night, thus I haven't finished reading it. But I can say, "So far, so good!!"

Annette was an English teacher at Murray High School for many years. She took early retirement to pursue her love of writing fiction. (Her husband Charlie is my husband's cardiologist.)

The story is about an LDS school teacher ("write what you know") who is a single mother trying to handle the curves life has thrown her way. This book is "for anyone who has ever known heartache and hope or overcome difficult obstacles. . . Annette has a clear, steady voice as she opens a window into the troubled world of adolescent angst and teachers trying to see into that world."

I highly recommend the book, because I know that everything Annette does is absolutely fabulous. (She was the best R. S. teacher I've ever had.)

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