Saturday, March 26, 2011

Great News in Twos

I'm excited to have two new grand nephews, both born on March 21, 2011, both born to mothers named Heather, both babies were named Zachary!

The Happy Family
One of the Heathers (my niece) on the left and
one of the Zacharys (in the car seat)

The Other Happy Family
Nephew Brad and his wife, the other Heather and
their primy, the other Zachary

Our second wee Zachary ~ Look at all the hair

In a week of health scares (see previous post), we also received GOOD NEWS in twos about these beloved babies joining our family.


Pat said...

That is incredible. I hope both babies thrive and bring much joy to their families.

Travelin'Oma said...

Double congratulations! I'm so glad your mammogram turned out OK. I've had calls like that before (luckily they've all had positive endings) and I go straight to the worst case scenario, too. I'm so philosophical about health problems until one hits me, and then I'm a basket case.