Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Passed and Past

On Christmas Eve after viewing the beautiful lights and Nativity on Temple Square, we drove around looking for interestingly decorated houses. The one below was truly unbelievable. Since it is on Salt Lake's 18th Avenue, high in the foothills, I'm assuming it can be seen from outer space!  Decorated with hundreds of Santa, candy canes, icicles, wreaths and reindeer, there was not a spot without lights except the driveway. Where do they keep everything come January 1st?  How do they pay their electric bill in January?

Christmas morning passed quietly at our house. With no small children (i.e. grandkids), it was a mellow day. No need to arise early to tear open Christmas presents.  A chilly walk in the snow up Porter's Fork in Millcreek Canyon was just the ticket to celebrate the birthday of our Savior. 

What could be more beautiful on Christmas morning?

Our husky-reindeer dog loved frolicking in the snow

It was a nostalgic day, spent remembering Christmases past. Especially since Bill's sister sent us a huge box of goodies made from their mom's recipes. Gingerbread cookies, rich chocolate fudge, white-chocolate popcorn, and Bill's favorite "Nuts and Bolts" (Chex cereals, peanuts and pretzel sticks, baked with just the right touch of Worcestershire sauce).  He was in seventh heaven.

The Solomon Slaughter family long ago, circa 1954

The above photo was taken when my husband, Bill, was about two-years-old.  (He's much younger than I am.) Their house at the time was in Tacoma, Washington before Sgt. Slaughter was transferred to Japan.  It is an unanswered mystery why both Sol and Evelyn have bandages on their foreheads.  Bill thinks they were joking for the photo. I think they bumped heads under the mistletoe.  Bill's sisters received dolls, of course, afterall it was the '50s. Bill got a firetruck and punching clown, typical boys' things.  He has always hated clowns.  I guess this was the start of the phobia.

Bill and Judy with Santa, probably 1956

Bill grew up enjoying Christmases around the globe. He was born in Panama where his career army father was stationed and Santa arrived in an army helicopter.  In Japan, Bill remembers Santa coming to the base in a jeep.  His Christmases were much different from mine, all of which were spent in Holladay, Utah, most of them with snow.

Sheri and JoAnn with the ZCMI Santa, probably 1952

My sister and I had our pictures taken with Santa every year from the time I was three, which means my sister was six.  This went on until at twelve my sister refused.  We always sat on Santa's knee at the downtown ZCMI after the Santa Claus parade.  I knew he was the REAL Santa because he was the same one who rode on the sleigh in the parade.  Years later, when we compared all our Santa photos, we realized it was the same man who dressed up each year and sat in the booth decorated like the North Pole at ZCMI.  Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas

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I have to comment on my own Christmas post, because no one else did and I love the photos!