Thursday, May 20, 2010

Post Card from Our Nation's Capital

Lincoln Memorial at base of Washington Monument
(Look hard and use your imagination)

Okay, it's not quite as good a photo as from my blog last Friday, but the day was overcast and I'm an amateur! (The photo I used last Friday was snatched from the Internet.)

Everyone should go to the Holocaust Museum at least once their lifetime. . . .
We must "Remember". . .

Our Capitol, the Jefferson Library of Congress Building (second dome), and the Smithsonian
This is the first time in over eight trips here that the grass on the Mall has been green!
Wish there had been sunshine.

Federal Buildings at Federal Triangle and Interesting Sculptures

Having a great time. Wish you were here!


Wanda said...

We visited Washington DC one time many years ago. Your previous post of passing through Virginia was nice too Sherri!

Arkansas Patti said...

Thanks for the tour. It has been 60years since I have been there. Guess what, no change.

Pat said...

I regret missing Washington when I had the chance.

Anna said...

Never been in Washington DC, may be one day. Thanks for sharing, Anna :)