Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflections of 2008

Danielle at Sunset ~ San Diego

Soon 2008 will be a thing of the past.
It is a time of reflection.

What did I accomplish? What went right
and what went awry?

What will I do better in 2009?

Have I grown?

Have I helped anyone? Made anyone happy?

Is my life going in the right direction?

Summary of 2008:

  1. Recovered from a serious infection

  2. Started a blog

  3. Worked out at the gym to increase fitness

  4. Assisted in sacrament services at CareSource Hospice

  5. Cheered my husband in several Century (100 mile) cycling races

  6. Endured hubbies kidney stones and strained shoulder muscles

  7. Refinanced house two times

  8. Got a new AC and furnace for our house

  9. Witnessed history with the election of (our man) Barack Obama

  10. Enjoyed a wonderful trip to London

  11. Lived, laughed, loved ~ Enjoyed good friends & family

We are looking forward to 2009 with great anticipation!

Here's to health, growth, happiness in the New Year~~

And those are my wishes to anyone who reads this.

Happy New Year!!

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PI said...

You can be proud of what you did in 2008 and my best wishes for a happy healthy 2009 to you and ours.