Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Glasses

Okay, so I've waited six months to get new glasses. . . . so I could get my driver's license renewed and be legal again. First, it was the cost. Bottom line, I couldn't afford a new pair. Then there was the cellulitis infection that put me in the hospital, the resulting Bell's Palsy and six weeks on intravenous antibiotics. The Bell's Palsy left me with a weak and droopy right eye, which has finally healed. We received our refund, I saw the eye doctor and went to Costco to order my glasses and ----"WHAT are you telling me?"----it takes two weeks for Costco's to make glasses!! You've got to be kidding. Alright, so I waited the two weeks (counting the days) and today I got my NEW GLASSES. Put them on at Costco's, went outside and the mountains were crystal clear, the drive home amazing.

Got home and couldn't wait to get on my computer and actually SEE what I'm reading and writing. But guess what. I can't read my computer with my new glasses. They're just for distance and my computer screen is the wrong distance. I could just cry.

So I'm using my old glasses as I write this. Glasses that I got in 2003!! The protective plastic coating is peeling off, so it's like looking through a windshield covered with hundreds of smashed bugs!

Anyone know where I can get a cheap pair of computer glasses without waiting another two weeks?


TravelinOma said...

You've had bell's palsy? You poor woman. My daughter had it when she was in 9th grade, and it eventually went away (about 2 months later.) My dad had it and it took about 3 months to go away. Good luck!

Anonymous said...


Chemists/drug stores/Costco? sell cheap & very attractive reading glasses of different strenghs. They can tide you over 'til your prescription glasses are ready & act as a backup pair if your good ones get lost or damaged. I use my cheapies for dirty jobs around the house & garden.