Monday, April 28, 2008

In Sickness and in Health and in CPAP's

The Look of Love?

We're not getting ready to go scuba diving. Nor are we wearing gas-masks, preparing for an Air Raid Drill. We are not pretending to be Darth Vadar. (I wish you could smell the Bengay!)

My hubbie and I both have Sleep Apnea. It comes with age. I've been sleeping with a CPAP machine (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) for three years. Bill went to the Sleep Lab this year and just received his shiny new CPAP with more bells and whistles than mine. I'm terribly jealous. His sounds like a hurricane when he turns it on, mine like a gentle breeze.
This is my CPAP
(said "C" PAP)

As husband and wife, we have one more thing we share. Sleep Apnea means you stop breathing, mostly while in REM sleep. Of course breathing is sort of necessary to keep living. When you don't breathe it means the blood oxygen drops to unhealthy levels and this in turn means you're tired all day, have morning headaches and other complaints. The low oxygen levels can lead to serious health problems including strokes and heart attacks. So, as ugly as we look at night, it is worth the inconvenience! Before the CPAP, I stopped breathing 85-100 times a night. My oxygen levels dropped to a dangerous 70%, when it should be at 90% or better while sleeping.

We used to be young and cute. We married for better or worse. We've seen a lot of both. We've had sickness and health. Now is our time for CPAP's.
After thirty-five years of marriage we still believe in the following philosophy:


Sandra Ferguson said...

Several of my friends have added this lovely head gear to their evening apparel. They say, as you pointed out, to breathe is definitely between than to not breathe.

Love the couple picture.

TravelinOma said...

It would be a good look with a Victoria Secret teddy.

The family who breathes together stays together longer.