Friday, April 11, 2008

Find A Grave

I have a great new hobby. It is the web site Find A Grave. I finally found a place on the web to put all my photographs of family gravestones! The site lets you add the grave photo along with information about the person, the obituary, photos of the person and you then you can add virtual flowers or tributes to the grave. It is fun for family historians and genealogists. And anyone can search the site free. Anyone can become an area volunteer by taking photos of graves in your area. Some volunteers have added thousands of graves!!

My sister-in-law (now deceased) took pictures of my husband's family graves in Maryland and Delaware when she moved to Maryland. She sent me copies many years ago (long before digital photography), but what was I supposed to do with photos of graves? Now they have a home and I am so excited.

I've also found photos and information about family members which I didn't have. This is a guiltless hobby which helps others who might be looking and lets others help you!

The above is only one reason I haven't been blogging lately. Other reasons include:

  • I'm trying to get caught up with work projects in order to be paid.
  • I'm taking care of other minutiae (i.e. getting new glasses, driver's license, etc).
  • I'm suffering from a lack of blogging confidence.
  • I've had too many things I want to write about and can't organize my thoughts, photos.

My lack of confidence stems from the fact that no one reads what I have to say. I feel so unimportant:( My words are falling on deaf-ears. I realize that most of the time, my words are not important, but occasionally I do have a brilliant insight or story I want to share--and this is my only outlet.

Already I'm having more responses to my postings on Find a Grave and that makes me feel good.

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TravelinOma said...

I'm glad you're back. I loved the story about your house. We sold our house in 1989 and had to pay at the closing to get out of it, too. After renting for a year, we bought a house which had terrible left over odors, and other problems, with the idea of renovating it. My sons and I painted, wall-papered, tore out a wall and built in bookcases (Dee is allergic to paint, lucky for him) all with no experience. I call it our "house of learning." We lived there for 14 years, and I never liked the house at all, and we lost money on it, too. Our neighborhood and ward were great, so that made a difference.

I like the new decorating touches on your blog!