Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Neighborhood Princesses Ready for
the Easter Parade
Joan, Linda, JoAnn, Sheri, Sylvia, Marianne
(Circa 1954)

In the 1950s, Easter meant a new frilly dress, preferably in a springy pastel color. In our house it also meant a new Easter Bonnet (see above, Jo and I are the ones with hats) and shiny new Mary Jane white patent-leather shoes. Of course, it also meant dying hard-boiled eggs on Saturday, so we could roll them down a hill on Sunday. It meant hunting for candy Easter eggs which the Easter Bunny had hidden, sometimes outside when the weather permitted, but most times inside, around the house.

However, we also knew the real reason to Celebrate Easter. We knew that it commemorated the day of Christ's Resurrection. It was like another birthday for Jesus (his birth into Eternal Life). He, who overcame the bonds of death and made the resurrection possible for all mankind. It was a Holy Day, even as children we knew the meaning of Easter.

Just as Spring is a time of rebirth and the renewal of Nature, Easter is the time to rejoice in the atonement of our Savior. God has blessed us with spring. He blessed us with his Son and his Son has blessed us with his example, his atonement and his resurrection.

This is a happy, blessed time of year.

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