Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Michigan Primary (Ho Hum)

Okay, the above is how I feel about the current administration and the current presidential campaign. I am not a Bush fan (quite the contrary), nor am I really thrilled with any of the candidates. However, I also feel anything has got to be better than what we've got now.

I'm leaning toward one favorite (a Democrat), because I REALLY want to see change in this country (hint, hint).

I want to be proud of America, proud to be an American again. Big changes need to occur before that happens. However, it's going to take strong leadership and many years to clean up the mess that has been created in the last seven years. I'm not sure anyone or any group can fix wants wrong, let alone any of the candidates. If I'm not part of the solution, I must be part of the problem. Right? So, I'm trying to think of ways to help my community besides recycling, using less gasoline and electricity, voting and trying to being a good citizen. Any ideas?

We all need to do are part.

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