Monday, January 21, 2008

I have a dream. . . .

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

I, too, have dreams for this country forty-years after Martin Luther King's death:

  • Peace

  • Freedom from war

  • Freedom from discrimination (i.e. bigotry and prejudice)

  • Security that our banks, Social Security, 401Ks will not fail

  • Assurance that our leaders will get the country out of Debt someday

  • Confidence that our leaders will tell the truth and own their flaws and mistakes

  • Good health care for all Americans (an inalienable right)

  • Good education for all Americans (an inalienable right)

  • Clean air, Clean water

  • Knowledge that our government is working toward alternative energy sources

  • Amnesty to illegal aliens now in the country who are working and law abiding, if they agree to become legal (files paper, pay taxes). . . .I believe this is what JFK, MLK and RFK would want!

What are your dreams?


Marty said...

The health care issue is huge for us. Pre-existing conditions have made us uninsurable, plus my husband has been self-employed for the last 20 years. Our prescriptions cost us about $400 a month. We are not poor enough to qualify for any breaks, and not rich enough to afford poor health. I, too think health care is an inalienable right, but the people who have good health care are often satisfied with the status quo. (Sorry to whine. This subject brings out a streak of bitterness in my usually sunny disposition!)

Sheri said...

Amen. We have good health coverage from Bill's work. However even with insurance, our prescriptions cost $300 out of pocket. I am just recovering from a $35,000 infection of which the insurance covers all but $5000! $5000!!Where are we going to get $5000!